Hans-Christoph Diener

Director of the Essen Headache Centre at the University of Du-isburg-Essen

Hans Christoph Diener

Hans-Christoph Diener, MD, PhD is Professor of Neurology, Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Director of the Essen Headache Centre at the University of Du-isburg-Essen in Germany. He was President of the German Neurological Society, President of the European Headache Federation (EHF), and the International Headache Society (IHS) and chairs the German Headache Consortium and the German Stroke Data Bank. Dr. Diener received his medical degree and doctorate at the Albrecht-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, and continued his training there in the Departments of Neurology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine and Surgery. Prior to joining the University of Essen in 1989, he was an Associate Professor of Neurology at the Department of Neurology at the University of Tübingen. He was a visiting Professor at the Neurological Sciences Institute in Portland, Oregon in 1984 and 1985 and at the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 1987 and 1988. Dr. Diener’s special research interests focus on headache and stroke. He has investigated the mechanisms and management of medication-overuse headache, the prophylactic action of drugs in migraine, the relationship between plasma levels of prophylactic agents and their clinical efficacy, the role of visual evoked potentials in migraine, the mechanisms of action of migraine drugs, PET studies during migraine attacks, and animal models of migraine. Dr. Diener performed major studies in the epidemiology of chronic headache supported by the German Ministry of Research and Education. Hans-Christoph Diener, Biography Page 2 of 2 Prof. Diener has authored or co-authored 756 articles in peer reviewed journals (159 as first author, 14 in the NEJM), 253 invited reviews, and 326 book chapters, and served as the editor or author of 73 books. His h index is 81. He is the editor of Aktuelle Neurologie, Stroke News, Kopfschmerz News and Arzneimitteltherapie, deputy editor of Cephalalgia and serves on the editorial boards of Lancet Neurology, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Future Neurology, The International Journal of Clinical Practice, European Neurology, Reviews in Contemporary Pharmacotherapy and Journal of Clinical Investigation. Prof. Diener has been the PI in more than 30 trials on the acute treatment and prophylaxis of headache disorders.

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